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Birmingham Escorts
Birmingham - a major city in the West Midlands, with many industrial revolution-era landmarks nodding to its 18th century history as a manufacturing powerhouse.  So much to do here in this superb city - from arts and culture to cafe culture.  The climate here might not be the best, but the sunny disposition of the Brummie population more than makes up for the lack of actual sun!  Come rain or sun this is a city to be explored, but if you're not familiar with the area, then our Under The Duvet directory has many fabulous escorts in Birmingham to show you around! (62).
As I said before, Birmingham is steeped in history and if you fancy indulging in a bit then why not pay a visit to the Back to Backs? A fascinating guided tour takes a step back in time looking at the city's last surviving courtyard of back to backs - houses built literally back to back where the residents crammed themselves in to live and work.  Sounds and smells from the past give an evocative and intimate insight into times gone by.  Any of our Birmingham escorts would be proud to be your guest on one such trip.  For those of you who prefer a bit of adrenaline in your life then there is the National Motorcycle museum, here you can admire over 1000 different motorcycles from pioneer vehicles to modern superbikes.
Sweet tooth owners - listen up!  If you didn't already know, Birmingham is the home of Cadbury World. Yup - those lucky Brums have all that chocolate right on their doorstep!  You can explore all of the sugary attractions in your very own WIlly Wonka style tour!  Take one of our Birmingham independent escorts and you might find yourself with a flirty friend for life...I bet I've got your taste buds tingling!  Now I'm not sure if one can buy chocolate body paint at Cadbury World but if not you could improvise, or you could head to the Bullring shopping centre, purchase some there and take it along to one of Birmingham's massage parlours where you could really get down and dirty!
Birmingham really comes alive at night.  You have so many places to choose from, restaurants and bars to late-opening nightclubs.  If you're in the city by yourself, a businessman from abroad perhaps, and fancy a bit of top notch company for dinner and dancing and who knows what else, then you can't go wrong with checking out our Birmingham escort agencies within the pages of our directory - there's someone for everyone here so no-one need go without their fun!