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Cardiff Escorts
Fire-breathing dragons are a staple of folklore the world over – throw in a knight and a princess and you have yourself a fabulous fairytale. Wales has a healthy collection of tales relating to warring warriors, kings, princesses and of course - dragons hence the dragon has been a part of the Welsh flag since 1959.  Sound a bit Game of Thrones to you?  Well, you'll find our Cardiff escorts are just as gorgeous & sexy as you might find in the popular TV series!  Cardiff is the UK's eleventh largest city, and is visited by 18.3 million tourists each year, Singers Shirley Bassey and Charlotte Church, actor Gryff Rhys Jones and footballer Ryan Giggs were all born in this vibrant city.
What to do in Cardiff then?  Quite simply, rugby is King here!  The locals love to attend an international match inside the Millennium stadium where national hysteria can reach fever pitch.  Take one of our Cardiff independent escorts to a match and you will be in for a whole lot of frenzied fun!  If you can't get a ticket to a match you could take a tour of the stadium instead; it's a vast, awe-inspiring building which was first used for a major event on June 26th 1999 when Wales played South Africa in a rugby union test match to a crowd of 29,000. 
You don't have to be a fan of rugby to enjoy your time in this awesome city though.  There are plenty of other options for you, and if you love a market then Cardiff's indoor market could be the perfect spot for whiling away a few hours, browsing the many stalls selling everything from food to fabrics & books to vinyl.  I hear it's the cheapest place in town for a fried breakfast - so if you're hungover, you know where to head!   If you're wondering whether you will get lucky with any of the escorts in Cardiff then you could visit the resident palm reader here who might be able to see into your future....!
A rave in a bank vault for the party people amongst you, a trip to the National Museum & Art Gallery for your dose of culture, Cardiff Castle for the history lovers, and even the Doctor Who Experience for the, well, Doctor Who fans!  All this and so much more, but if you're travelling solo, or just fancy a bit of company then you can contact one of our Cardiff escort agencies who'll be able to offer you your perfect match for the day/night/weekend.  Travelled from overseas?  Been cooped up in a plane for hours?  Hellish!  You know who can sort you right out?  Yup, that's right, contact one of our Cardiff massage parlours within our directory and there will be someone available to make you feel wonderful again!